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Politechnika Warszawska Szkoła Biznesu




Dear Lecturers, Students, Graduates and Staff,

We are glad to announce that the WUT BS has launched the

XII edition of the
WUT Business School Photo Contest

We invite all WUT Business School Lecturers, Students, Graduates and Staff
to submit photos for two contest categories:

A. "Emotions through the lens"
B. "The best photo I took in 2019"

You can find more information at our >>> website
and read the >>> terms and conditions

The application deadline is
8th December 2019.

>>> Fill in the entry form 
sent your photos to

Winners will receive statuettes, diplomas and other special prizes,
among others a voucher for the selected training from the MDDP Academy offer.


We're waiting for your photos!

 The competition results
will be announced at the 

Christmas Eve Party,
on 16 December 2019

in Villa Foksal Restaurant, Foksal 3/5
at 7:00 P.M.

The Christmas Eve Party is a unique opportunity to meet with other students and graduates
of the School, as well as with its lecturers.

Sign in >>>

Best regards,
dr Paweł Urbański
Warsaw University of Technology 

Business School Director 


ul. Koszykowa 79
02-008 Warszawa
tel.: 48 22 625 49 53
fax.: 48 22 628 42 03



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